Wardrobe from summer to autumn

Autumn arrives, one of the biggest signs when Canadian geese begin to heat their wings. You can see them flying in circles and squawks. They are a beautiful animal, but that is for another article.

As we make the transition from our wardrobe from summer to autumn, we began to think about the new clothing and accessories as needed to be seen as fashion jewelry.

To help you to keep abreast with the fall and winter 2008/09 fashion, main trends of this season are below. People with more style, though usually they are not a slave to the latest fashion trend, but rather take what they like. While it is good to have a couple of pieces of fashion, fashion best resist the test of time.

Indeed for the season pass and this season that comes many new "trends" are either a bit of a continuation of the themes of the campaign earlier or are inspired by retro. These retro trends make perfect for shopping your closet.

Go in depth to the back closet still has some seventy or 80 years there, unless of course you were even not born, in this case your mother's closet RAID. Some of you (or your MOM) may even have parts that work very well for the 50 years of the pin-up look glam.

This season, basically, each season is back and is seen well in the trend used serviceable decade retro - just beware of no more than to do so. One or two pieces of the retro, whether in clothing or handmade jewelry, paired with a more contemporary element works very well. Designers often use this technique as a way to make the retro fashion look contemporary or modern. They added a new twist to the retro style, whether in design, fabric and accessories.

Dig Out and recycle / reuse these beautiful retro pieces from the back of the closet and toss with fresh elements, wanted you stylish perfection.

There are several trend topics listed below that apply both to clothing and handmade jewelry. Remember that accessories especially handmade jewelry can really put the finishing details on the computer. Don't forget however to look at what you already have and add new parts only when you need them, this will save you money and shopping time and is responsible for ECHO.

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